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Circle BK Farm & Ranch

Our Story


Our Values

Family Farm & Ranch

Our Values - 3 C’s of Family Working in Our Family Business


1.  Everybody needs a CUT of the pie.  

-People need to feel invested and have ownership in the business.  Leadership is encouraged.

-As a family, we are producers, not just consumers. Everybody needs to bring something to the table.

-To whom much is given, much is expected.  We practice stewardship in our communities – time, talent, treasure. 


2.  Don’t worry about who gets the CREDIT 

-We are part of something bigger than ourselves. 

-We grow together to stay together.

-Internal issues, stay internal.


3.  Make sure everybody comes home for CHRISTMAS 

-Safety is our top priority.  We care about our team and our animals.

-Relationships are more important than money.  

-We respect each other, we look out for each other.  

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